What Might Have Been Nursery Rhyme Lyrics

What Might Have Been Nursery Rhyme Lyrics

What Might Have Been Nursery Rhyme Lyrics



“What Might Have Been” is a strange, but very funny nursery rhyme. It was first time published in 1821 in Scotland, but it has propably roots back to 1715. So this nursery rhyme is very old, but the kids actually still like it.


Lyrics to “What Might Have Been”

The little birds are singing
Above their speckled eggs,
The daddy long-legs talks about
His children’s lovely legs.

The red cow thinks her little calf
The best that there can be,
And my papa and my mamma
Are very proud of me!

And yet I might have been a bird,
And slept within a nest,
Or been a daddy-long-legs,
With scarcely any chest.

Or been a little calf or pig,
And grown to beef or ham;
I’m very, very, very glad
That I am what I am!


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