Tinker Tailor Nursery Rhyme Lyrics

Tinker, Tailor

Tinker, Tailor



Tinker, Tailor” is a traditional nursery rhyme and a fortune-telling dating back to late 15th century, England.The rhyme is also a counting song for children. In the USA it is popular to sing it in a game of tag to determine the person who will be “it”.The oldest form of the song can be tracked to 1475 in a line of a rhyme called The Game and Playe of the Chesse by William Caxton and only later on in 1695 it appeared in a more compact form. It was first published in a nursery rhymes collection in the 19th century as a counting song.


Lyrics To “Tinker Tailor”


Tinker, Tailor,
Soldier, Sailor,
Rich Man, Poor Man,
Beggar Man, Thief.


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