Seasons Song Nursery Rhyme Lyrics

Seasons Song Nursery Rhyme Lyrics

Seasons Song Nursery Rhyme Lyrics



“Seasons Song” is a beautiful nursery rhyme song for all the children.


Lyrics to “Seasons Song”

We really, really love Spring!
Spring brings lots of new things!
New flowers, cute baby lambs
Bees a-buzzing! Clap your hands!

Summertime means ice creams
Beaches, holidays, lovely things
Blue skies, smiling sun
Swimming in the pool – lots of fun!

In Autumn (/fall) the leaves turn brown
Then they fall down to the ground
Lots of birds then fly away
But they’ll come back another day!

In wintertime it’s very cold
Build a snowman, grab some coal
Snowball fights and sledding too!
Wintertime is fun for you!


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