Five Little Penguin Counting Song Nursery Rhyme Lyrics

Five Little Penguin Counting Song

Five Little Penguin Counting Song




“Five Little Penguin Counting Song” is such a beautiful nursery rhyme for all the kids.

Lyrics To”Five Little Penguin Counting Song”


Five little penguins wanted to go fishing,

So they set off, waddling in a line,

It was nearly tea-time, they were getting hungry,

And one dived down a hole, to see what he could find.

Four little penguins wanted to go swimming,

So they jumped off the rocks, splashing in the sea,

One little penguin was feeling rather poorly,

And he stayed home, to play with me!

Three little penguins wanted to play snowballs,

So they went off, to play out in the ice,

One little penguin got buried in a snow drift,

His Mummy came to dig him out, wasn’t that so nice!

Two little penguins practicing their skating,

Learning to twirl and spin clever little things!

One skated down the hill, right down to the bottom,

 And couldn’t climb back up, even when he flapped his wings!

The last little penguin, feeling rather lonely,

Went to find some friends, in the penguin huddle,

He found his Mum and Dad, Sisters and his brother,

He was very happy, and he gave them a cuddle!


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