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Apple On A Stick Nursery Rhyme Lyrics


Apple On A Stick Nursery Rhyme Lyrics

Apple on a stick 





Apple On a Stick is a very fun clapping game! It is used in both the USA and in UK, and can often be seen in schoolyards.There are several versions of “Apple On a Stick” out there, both the lyrics and the clapping part.

Lyrics To “Apple On A Stick”


Apple on a stick
Makes me sick
Makes my heart go two-four-six
Not because you’re dirty
Not because you’re clean
Not because you kissed a boy behind a magazine!
Girls, boys, having fun
Here comes a cat with an annoying hum
It can suibble
It can squabble
It can even do the splits But
I betcha, I betcha
You can’t do this
Close your eyes and count to 10
And If you stuff it up you’re a big fat hen



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