Animal Alphabet Nursery Rhyme Lyrics

Animal Alphabet

Animal Alphabet




The Animal Alphabet Nurser Rhyme is smart way to learn the alphabet in a fun way. Since the kids love animals, this Rhyme will make learning the alphabet/letters funnier. And the children will also learn more about different animals.


Lyrics To “Animal Alphabet”


A is for Ant
B is for Bat
C is for Canary
D is for Duck
E is for Elephant
F is for Frog
G is for Gorilla
H is for Hippo
I is for Iguana
J is for Jaguar
K is for Kangaroo
L is for Lion
M is for Monkey
N is for Narwhal

O is for Owl
P is for Penguin
Q is for Quail
R is for Raccoon
S is for Squirrel
T is for Tiger
U is for Umbrella bird
V is for Vulture
W is for Whale
X is for Fox
Y is for Yak
Z is for Zebra


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