Are You Planning to Buy Arts And Crafts Supplies


The size of the US Crafts market is a staggering $41 billion in the US. Out of 10,000 respondents who were interviewed in 2016, 64% of them stated that they take part in arts and crafts activities, the most popular crafts being paper crafts, beadwork, wooden, floral and painting and crocheting among others.

If you are a person who likes crafts, then you will likely have to purchase and store a large number of supplies. Here are tips on how to do that so as to ensure that you are not spending more than you should and that you are not overwhelmed by the supplies that you have.


  • Workroom

You need to have a dedicated space where you will be carrying out your activities. Therefore, you can set aside some space in your bedroom or living room or anywhere that you have space so that you can work from there. You can also dedicate an entire room for this activity.

The room that you select should be large enough to accommodate your supplies. It should also be ideal for the kind of work that you want to do. For instance, if you are a painter, a room with a carpet is not ideal. It should also be private enough to allow you to carry out your activities freely and explore your creative ideas.


  • Storage space

Once you have bought your art supplies from your supplier, such as Kaisercraft, it is important that you store them well so as not to lose or waste them. For instance, you can install some shelves, where you can arrange your stuff in an organized manner.

Another idea is for you to make use of storage boxes and containers or baskets. This will help you to keep things organized, otherwise, you might end up feeling overwhelmed if all your stuff is just everywhere.


  • Buy during sales

Consider buying items when they are on sale. For instance, you can find crafts supplies at half the price during the back to school period. Consider stocking up on your supplies during this period. It will help to reduce your costs.


  • Know Where to splurge

There are some items that you can afford to splurge on. This is so that you can get better quality. For instance, you can spend more when it comes to buying watercolors. They tend to last a long time, so it will be worth it to buy quality stuff.

Something else you can splurge on is a permanent marker pen. Just make sure to lock them up when not in use so that no one misses them. Paintbrushes are also a good investment. Invest in those that have soft hair bristles as they will do a better job than those that have hard, spiky bristles.


  • A good chair on wheels

Since you are likely to be moving around a lot in your crafts room, consider investing in a chair which has wheels. It will enable you to move around much more easily.


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