English Action Songs For Class 2

Are you in a search of English action songs for class 2. Need an ideal answer that empowers kids to get their liveliness or confidence out? These are genuine best development and activity songs for kids!

Do you require the ideal song to keep the youngsters engaged for circle time? Or on the other hand, maybe you have a little child or preschooler who simply needs a comment an impolite day. We have utilized a significant number of these melodies for over time, for changes, for family move evenings, for terrible climate days, and for those minutes in your preschool educational programs where we have to accomplish a comment us engaged and moving!

Need the ideal melody for lively youngsters? These are a portion of the best development and activity melodies. English action songs for class 2 are extraordinary for circle time melodies or as an indoor action on a terrible climate day. These preschool tunes and kindergarten melodies are certain to be adored for a considerable length of time!


English Action Songs For Class 2


We cherish wonderful children melodies, and other than the tunes underneath, these are some a greater amount of our top picks:

Top English action songs for class 2

  1. I Like To Dance!
  2. Learn Colors & Objects Song
  3. I’m little Fish
  4. Looby Loo Children’s song
  5. Wiggle It! Children’s song
  6. Train song for kids “Choo Choo Train”
  7. Mother’s Day song “Mommy and Me”
  8. Shapes Song Children’s song
  9. Best Friends song
  10. Come On and Join In
  11. Come, Let Us Be Joyful
  12. Counting Kitties
  13. Cousin Peter
  14. Dance Like an Animal
  15. Dance Thumbkin Dance
  16. Did You Ever See a Lassie?
  17. Doctor Knickerbocker
  18. Doctor Doctor
  19. Itsy Bitsy Spider
  20. Farmer In The Dell
  21. Father Abraham
  22. Five Candles
  23. Five Little Fishies
  24. Five Little Froggies
  25. Five Little Magpies
  26. Flippity Flop
  27. Follow the Leader
  28. Froggie in the Middle
  29. Go Bananas
  30. Go In and Out the Window
  31. Have You Ever Been Fishing?
  32. Here Are Baby’s Eyes So Blue [Song File Available]
  33. Here is a Beehive
  34. Here is the Ostrich
  35. Be Responsible
  36. Days of the week song
  37. Superhero
  38. Sight words A Monkey
  39. Let’s Plant a Tree
  40. Follow Me!
  41. Puppy
  42. Twist! Children’s song with classic nursery rhymes lyrics
  43. Colors Dance
  44. Vroom Goes the Red Race Car
  45. Counting song
  46. Square dance
  47. Grandma’s House
  48. Pirate song. Come Sail Away With Me!
  49. I Can Do It by Patty Shukla
  50. Rhyming Time
  51. Tooth Fairy Children’s song
  52. Stranger Danger
  53. Cake recipe
  54. Learn to fish
  55. School Bus Kids Song
  56. 12 Months of the Year
  57. Jump! Children’s song
  58. I Like Counting Fruits
  59. Play with Me, Sing Along
  60. If I Were An Animal
  61. Proposition song for children
  62. STOP (Children’s Song with nursery rhymes songs with lyrics and action free download)
  63. Counting Song. I Like Candy
  64. Hide and Seek
  65. Guessing Game
  66. Roar Like a Lion!
  67. Stand Up, Sit Down
  68. JUMP! Children’s song
  69. Helping Verbs
  70. Kids Song – Little Red
  71. Elephant Steps kids song nursery rhymes with actions for babies
  72. Colors Song for Children
  73. A Root Chy Cha
  74. Old Roger is Dead
  75. On Daddy’s Foot
  76. Once an Austrian Went Yodeling
  77. One Finger, One Thumb
  78. Open, Shut Them
  79. Oranges and Lemons
  80. Pass the Ball
  81. Pat-A-Cake
  82. Peppermint Patty
  83. Playing Peek-a-Boo
  84. Poor Jennie
  85. Popcorn!
  86. Prairie Flow’r
  87. Pretend That we’re…
  88. Pretty Little Dutch Girl (Version 1)
  89. Punchinello (Version 1)
  90. Put Your Little Foot
  91. Ride a Cock-Horse to Banbury Cross
  92. Ring A Round a Rosy
  93. See Me Spinning
  94. Oats, Peas, Beans and Barley Grow
  95. Oh Playmate, Come Out and Play With Me


Age proper music can be hard to discover. One moment my youngsters are taking a gander at something amusing on YouTube and the following moment a video flies up that isn’t alright for them. We must be so cautious with what we enable our kids to watch, as they are drenching up everything and gaining from what they see. That is the reason we are helping you with nursery rhymes with actions for toddlers and age 2 to 8


  1. Mother May I go and bathe?
  2. East gave a feast.
  3. Mummy and Daddy
  4. My Jack in The Box
  5. My Mother is my God.
  6. My mother said
  7. Numbers from 1 to 9
  8. Numbers from 10 to 20
  9. Numbers from 21 to 50
  10. Oh! Butterfly! Butterfly!!
  11. Oh! Dear, what can the matter be?
  12. Oh Where, oh where has my little dog gone?
  13. Old Mother Hubbard
  14. Once I saw a little bird.
  15. One, two …
  16. One More Join!
  17. Oranges and Lemon
  18. Pat-a-cake, pat-a-cake, baker’s man
  19. Peter and Paul
  20. Peter, Peter, pumpkin eater
  21. Piggie and Engine
  22. Please, Porridge Hot.
  23. Poor old Robinson Crusoe!
  24. Prayer
  25. Pussy Cat Mole
  26. Pussy Cat, Pussy Cat
  27. Rain, Rain Come Soon
  28. Rain, Rain, Go Away…
  29. Red sky at night
  30. Ride a Cock-Horse to Banbury Cross
  31. Rock A Bye Baby
  32. Roses are Red.
  33. Row, row, row your boat
  34. Rub-a-dub-dub
  35. See-Saw Margery Daw
  36. Simple Simon
  37. Six little mice sat down to spin
  38. Smiling Girls, Rosy Boys...
  39. Swing High, Swing High,
  40. Taffy was a Welshman
  41. Tea Pot
  42. Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear
  43. The Farmer’s In His Den.
  44. The Lion and The Unicorn
  45. The Moon
  46. There was a little girl and she had a little curl
  47. There was a little man and he had a little gun.
  48. There Was An Old Woman
  49. There was an old woman called Nothing-at-all.
  50. Three Blind Mice
  51. Tiger, Tiger, Orange, and Black!
  52. To market, to market...
  53. Tom, Tom, the piper’s son
  54. Tommy kept a chandler’s shop.
  55. Tommy, Trot, a man of law
  56. Tweedledum and Tweedledee
  57. Two Little Ducks
  58. Two Little Hands
  59. Twinkle, Twinkle little star
  60. Two Little Dicky Birds
  61. Waiting
  62. Wee Willie Winkie runs through the town.